The Official Chaotic Comics Sign-up Sheet

because you think you got what it takes...don't cha???

Get ready to bring it.

Before you join

Keep in mind that there are 2 essential things that will happen to your character.

1) Your character will have a chance at killing someone/something/large numbers of people or demons. This depends on our needs.

2) Your character will die. It might be unpleasant, watching yourself die horribly. You'll get over it.

If you can accept these things, then you can become a character in Warning: Buckets of Blood or any of our other productions. And there are many.

What we want from you, besides your soul...hahahaha (stop laughing Brian)

This is a sign-up sheet for you to fill out. What you do is copy and paste the text into the subject of your e-mail, answer the questions BELOW the underlined words (steve says please), then e-mail it to to get an answer. We'll let you know what to do from there, if you are accepted.

Name (First name only)


Location (city and state only. NO ADDRESSES!!!!)


Character name (No names already in use; to check, put it in google and see what comes up)


Personality you want your character to have, choose two: Moody, Arrogant, Bold, Evil, Sadistic, Naive/Stupid, Anrgy/Angst, Insane, Focused, Vicious, Ego-manical, Co-dependent, Suicidal, Goody-Two Shoes, Schizophrenic (off-meds), Dreamy/deluded, Strong-Willed, Easily Frightened, Easily Confused, Dramatic/Drama Queen/Histrionic, Paranoid, Anti-Social/Me against-the-world, depressed, creative, drone/machine-ish.


Style of fighting, choose 1 (and one only please): Magical/Elemental, Taijitsu/Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, Projectile Weapon-based, High-powered (I.e. Bleach or DBZ), Mental/Mind Attacks, No fighting/victim/cannon fodder/meat on the table, Non-projectile Weapon-based, Other


Whose side do you want your character to fight for? (choose 1 and one only): Good, Evil, Neutral/hates both sides/ will fight both sides


Each character gets a certain set of moves/attacks based upon your answer for your style of fighting. Create your own below, up to 7.


Each character gets one finishing/special technique, and ONLY 1. It can be a combo, however. Describe it below.


Please keep in mind that we will use this sheet as more of a guide-rule, rather than a hard-fast rule, and reserve the right to make minor adjustments accordinly, depending on the situation. We will notify you prior to implementation, so that you can object/reccomend/approve as needed. Every time we use this character we will give you credit for the use of it, but NOT ROYALITIES! One time ago, we had trouble with a character called "Camel Toe Joe" and we're not getting into it again (Brian stop yelling please).

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