Warning: Buckets of Blood 2; The Power battles!!!

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If you have come here, then you must want to know about the movie. You might have seen it on TV, the Internet, or in some creepy back alley cinematek that we bribed or coerced into showing the movie. At this point, you must be confused. Don't worry, so are we.


The movie takes place not as a sequel to our hit webcomic, but as a sequel to the sequel of the webcomic. Doesn't make sense? Well, consult this guide here.

The plot of the 3rd movie revolves around the events of 2nd movie. Just so y'all no, without spoiling nothing, Body Count dies in the 2nd movie, at the hands of Dark Fang. Dark Fang breaks a sword, the Coalition loses 75% of its' forces, half of which is at the hands of SC, the Stealth Cannibal. The main focus of the 2nd movie will be on SC. Jin-Sen and Ryu both end up working for the Coalition of Survivors, the group Dark Fang works for as its main soldier.


This is the name of the organization that runs the territory comprised of humans that survived Body Count's Omega Plan (From the 1st comic) without going insane. The survivors went on to form a series of cities in the western North American hemisphere. In the center is the capital city, where Dark Fang and his team work out of. As the cities progress back towards modern times, the coalition regains certain functions. Wireless communication, primarily satellite, is restored. But alas, no guns, as all the bullets were used up in the Omega plan, and the factories to make them are no more. As such new weapons using energy are devised. Cybernetically and Spiritually enhanced beings start appearing in the Coalition. Jin-Sen is turned into a cyborg with an arm that shifts into a neutron cannon. Dark Fang finds Ryu a survivor who is a master at Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu, that he can train under.


Lord Body Count lost his main army and his life in the 2nd movie, so now he gets a new life, new powers, and a demon army. However, he has no idea what the plan is, having left hell's apocalypse plans in hell. So now he's making it up as he goes along. His plans are simple.

1) Take over world

2) Kill everybody except a group of loyal followers.

3) Invade other worlds; repeat.


To continue Body Count's evil plans, his daughter decided to ressurect him. To this end, she found weapons on Earth that were forged in hell, and sent Disdania, one of her many followers, to find Body' Count's body and ressurect him. Her gun can fire rounds capable of opening up portals to hell. Body Count's daughter lives outside the reach of the Coalition, far outside that of the Badlands. Thus, Disdania had to travel thru Coalition territory to reach his gravesite. Unfortunately for the communities that ring the capital, they fell prey to her evil ways and were slaughtered without mercy. 9 cities fell iu this manner.

New Abilities:

The characters in Warning: Buckets of Blood 2 have all sorts of new abilities that you might not understand. Follow the list below.

Body Count: Cinderblock punch (straight punch to head, does 50 points damage), Upper Jawbreaker (uppercut, does 80 points of damage and send opponent flying off screen), Sword punch (does 20 points damage, performed while jumping), Energy Blast (charge occurs above head, then is aimed at opponent. Does 200 points of damage and send opponent flying to another battlefield) , Insult (Does 400 points of ego damage to opponent, kicks them while they're down with words), Sword creation (the ability to create sword at will), and Run-Down (flying into and running over opponents)

Dark Fang: Plasma Ball (A fireball that flies out of his hand, explodes on contact or after traveling a set distance, does 100 points of damage), Missile Punch (a quick reach straight punch to the head, does 70 to 300 points of damage), Elbow Strike (Hits opponent with elbow, does 40 points damage and can knock opponent off screen), Matrix Kick (Does 60 points of Damage, very quick kick in Eagle Stance), Ground Control (Ability to control the soil around him, can make shields, hands, or large mud balls and anything else by clapping hands and touching ground.) Rising Slash (2 hit sword attack, first hit from stomach to throat as Dark Fang Jumps, next hit on way down a fast strike, does 50 points damage), Sliding Stab (using flight ability, Dark Fang forces opponent back and charged at opponent with sword pointed at opponent), Batou Jitsu (Dark Fang quickly draws sword from croutched position, does 30 points of damage), Fang strike (an attack in which Dark Fang drops on opponent from above and stabs oppenent in chest. Does 15-20 points damage). Special attacks: Ground Eclipse (surrounds enemy in total darkness) and Mult-Fang Strike (Send copies of sword to stab enenmy at high speed. Does 50 points of damage).

Lugnut: Fire Shot (fires shot from cobra hilt on sword, does 15 points of damage), Fire Blast (Fires stream of fire from sword, does 80 points of damage and 30 points of burn damage), Invulurablility to any attack under 50 points. Special Technique: MindWarp Eyes (Spinning eye trick forces victim to relive sad memories, like those bad ones from band camp, does 300 points of ego damage, also allows others with psychic connections to invade victims mind).

Ryu Tsukai: Energy Beam (focused force beam shot thru hands, does 120 points of damage and knocks opponent off screen), Double Energy Beam (Power dump into 2 force beams, does 300 points of damage), Tiger Flying Punch (Ryu jumps from one end of battlefield and punches opponent, does 80 points of damage), Spin kick (Ryu kicks opponent and does a flip to kick opponent with second foot). Special Technique: Kaze Bunshin (Wind copies),

Disdania: Necroplasm shot (shoots red necroplasm made from demon protoplasm; makes enemy glow and twitch, 90 points damage), Hammer of Awesome Headaches (a large mallet that she can materialize at will, causing intense headahces, damage 75 points). Special Technique: Portal to Hell (to release demons and ded bad guys).

Jin-Sen Tsukai: Series 1 arm cannon shot (Fires a plasma blot, 40 points of damage), Cannon Megaburst (Charged particle shot, 125 points of damage and can knock characters off screen), Hyper Megaburst (Massive plasma blast440 points of damage, usable once, wipes opponents off screen). Can hit bullets away with sword. Special Technique: Scattershot (overcharges cannon and fires multiple cannon shots and Megaburst shots, with the finale being a massively large Megaburst.

Stealth Cannibal: Rolling thunder (curls into a ball and runs over or smashes opponents), Disappearance (can disappear in the blink of an eye), 16 slashes (jumps in air while rotating both swords, does 160 points of damage and is possibly lethal), Cutdown (Rotate swords in a circle and cut opponent up, does 40 points of damage). Special Technique: Lightning Rage (Rips electricity from the ground and the sky, compresses it into a ball, electrifies and shocks opponent, does 450 points of damage).


Compated to how he was in the first movie and webcomic, SC received a whole lot of training from a mysterious female ninja. This ninja found SC after he was severly injured after a battle with Body Count's forces. She took him under her wing and gave him 2 swords to work with, and cured his lust for blood by removing the curse placed on his blood. However she could not cure his taste for human flesh or his thrist for revenge. She also taught him ninja techniques to improve his skill and give him the ability to match Body Count and Dark Fang's power. She taught him how to manipulate lightning and electricty, hus enabling him to create the Lightning Rage (See above) attack. Not soon after he was trained, he left to hunt down Body Count, but instead ran into Jin-Sen. They fought hard, but before there could be a winner chosen, SC was captured by the Coalition's army commander, General Wilcox. He captured him with the idea of brainwashing him to be an unbeatable soldier to attack Body Count with. Lo and behold this would not come to pass, as SC hates the Coalition almost as much as he hates Body Count.

Themes of the Movie

The movie follows closely the delicate nature of ressurection, and the annoyance of returning from the dead. Without updates or contact, those that return from the afterlife are lost in the wilderness of time like lambs before a tall cliff. Body Count, Lugnut, Jin-Sen, and SC learned this the hard way. Jin-Sen, who dies twice, grew tired of death and only wishes for his brother to live. Lugnut only desires to fight and doesn't care too much about the details, though returning to work for the man who killed him doens't exactly strike him as pleasant. Body Count fought demons in Hell to earn the chance to return to the living world. His return was to herald the final fall of man, but due to him forgetting the plans, Body Count has to make up the apocalypse on his own.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Wow that movie was cool! How did you guys do it?

A: We created a set of instructions here so that way you can see how we did it. Sorry Steve didn't include photos- he might at a later date.

Q: This looks like a video game! Was it based off a video game?

A: That's because it was built for portability. We are currently working on a MUGEN version, and we are trying to get our sprites in the ComicGenesis game version of Little Fighters.

Q: What is that thing on the demon's hip? Why is it moving? ITS FREAKING ME OUT MAN!!!

A: Ha! It's supposed to do that! That is the demon's symbol. We were going to use a Solomon's Key, but that would just freak out more people, so we just drew something and made it rotate.

Q: Why is Body Count so ridiculously strong?

A: He eats his Wheaties. Every morning. Even in hell.

Q: What is the "Mindwarp Eyes" technique? How did that work?

A: The Mindwarp Eyes technique is a illusion trick that Lugnut uses to invade a person's mind and show the person what he wants them to see. It also allows for telepathic communication between the invaded person and a third person.

Q: Why are the demons interested in seeing Marilyn Manson in concert?

A: No one knows. We'd figured they wanted to pay a tribute to their idol.

Q: Can I join and appear in future movies?

A: Signup sheet's on the front page, down at the bottom. Email it to us and we'll see what we can do. We've already added 3 new people, and we'll probably add some more.

Q: Can I join too? I'm six but I'll be 7 next week!

A: Wait...what? NO! How can you be 6 and even be able to ask that?

Q: Hey I've seen this on other sites? I think it was stolen!

A: No it wasn't. So far we've put it up on Google, YouTube, Zippy Video, and LuluTV. If you see it somewhere else than this (AND someone is claiming that they did the work) let us know.

Q: Wow you guys are creative! Where do you get your ideas?

A: We just make it up as we go along.

Q: Why is it so violent?

A: It's called Warning: Buckets of Blood 2 for a reason! What'd you expect, for it to be peaceful?

Q: The kids are so cute! Why do you hit them so much?

A: You don't know what these kids are like to work with!

Q: Someone said there was a Buckets of Blood movie already. Does that mean it was a series?

A: There was one made in the 70's but that's not us. In fact that's why we call it Warning: Buckets of Blood.

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