About Chaotic Comics and Entertainment


We are an up and coming Entertainment Company that focuses mainly on Web-delivered content such as web comics, flash movies, and audio clip humor. We believe that the Internet is the best medium for our work (and our budget) rather than working in traditional print media (i.e. Comics) or attaching ourselves to a firm (which we tried and failed). Considering the content of our work (most if it is/will be aimed at desensitized audiences), we feel that using a medium such as a web site to deliver our artwork frees us to perform at the highest limit of our imaginations (Read as: so we donít have to bastardize our work for the Comics Code/FCC/Other quasi-fascist bureauís rules, most of which we donít know or would follow anyway) and deliver the content we want you want to see. Otherwise, you wouldnít be reading this, would ya? I didnít think so.


Why Chaotic Comics? Well, there is a simple reason: BECUZ OUR BUSINESS IS IN COMPLETE AND UTTER CHAOS!!!

See, hereís how it works:

1.    Various psycho-active drugs (legal, btw) induce hallucinations in our company president and lead artist, Brian.

2.    Brian takes those ideas, tells them to Steve (VP and webmaster), and Steve somehow makes sense of it.

3.    Brian produces a working script based on the ideas Steve made from his lunatic ravings.

4.    Steve looks over script, corrects its massive grammar errors, and produces a synopsis.

5.    Brian produces a cover art, baseline character design, and general comic form design (i.e. manga, strip, etc)

6.    Steve overhypes the comic on the website and other peopleís forums, and sets a target date for launch.

7.    Brian draws the comic on paper, scans it to computer, colorizes it (if he wants to), and makes various changes.

8.    Brian uploads it wrong, then has to do it again.

9.    Steve takes the images, arranges them in order per Brianís instructions, sticks them on the site, and posts it to the web in the appropriate page for it.

10.    You get to read it, comment on it, trash it, etc. Steve receives e-mail from you and fixes whatever code he screwed up on the website. This happens whenever he feels like it.


Our equipment consists of the following technical specifications, just in case you wanted to know.






Computer Hardware

Dell Inspiron 5150 2.8Ghz with DVD-CDRW, 256mb RAM, D-Link Wireless Card, 40g HD.

Compaq Armada Laptop with all the latest bells and wireless whistles


Computer Software

Win XP Home, and thousands of dollars of pirated software, movies, and flash files.

Windows XP, Open Office, Ultimate Paint, and thatís about it. All free, btw.


Samsung 256mb MP3 player-USB flash drive- FM radio, NEC monitor, and DVD burner.

PNY Attache USB flash drive, One touch 7100 scanner, mouse, and a microphone.


Survived a bus wreck and bike crash.

Its brand new! It better last....

Price paid

Waaay too damn much


Internet provider

None: Uses hot-spots at restaurants & Starbucksô

Cable line













In essence, we were cheap. Steve had obtained the laptop (complete with pirated software already installed) through his computer training school. He later bought the laptop from a less-than-reputable dealer, tried installing Windows XP professional on it. It worked and of course, ran slower than Congress. His idea; trade speed for reliability.It didnít work so he slapped 98 on there instead, and it hasnít worked well since.


How the idea started:


For the past several years, we had discussed comics and had created a few of our own. We had no success setting ourselves up with a firm, so we decided to do it ourselves. Having nothing better to do with our lives (being single gives you oodles of time) we decided to form a web comics consortium. After much debate and chasing our own tails, we decided to form our own comics company and deliver our content via the web. Inspired (read as: awed) by the works of Broken Saints, 2214, and Newgrounds, we went to work on how best to match up that level of excellence. Realizing quickly that we cannot, we decided to stick with what we had at our disposal; imagination, disposable income, pirated software, and several comics ready-made for the internet. More importantly, Brian needs more money, and this is something he can do. Steve needs more computer experience, and this is something he can do.Essentially, a win-win situation.



If you would like to join us, click on the Contact Us link below, write us an e-mail, and weíll see what we can do.



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